Erin Herbst

Getting braces was a huge decision and a tough one. It is costly, I am older than regular patients (26), and it will leave an everlasting impression on my face. The staff at Black Orthodontics was reassuring, helpful, experienced, and not annoyed with all my questions! They also made the billing process a breeze. They made sure all my questions were answered before and after they applied the braces. I made a smart decision when I decided to get my braces here, and I look forward to seeing the results. I would recommend them for anyone of any... Read More

Joann DeSimone

Everyone is always nervous of the unknown, but your office made me feel very welcome and calm. I anticipated that I would have a great deal of pain with the implementation of braces, however, that has not been the case so far. All of the staff at Black Orthodontics were upbeat and professional and I anticipate my future visits to be just as pleasant as my first. I would very much recommend your office for any orthodontic... Read More

Traci Henderson

Black Orthodontics is AWESOME!! Everyone is always so friendly and helpful and always wearing a smile! My daughter has received the utmost orthodontic care!! We are on the downhill slide of having her braces removed. We are so excited to see the beautiful smile that Dr. Black and his staff has helped create. We have been so pleased since our first consult visit when we brought both of our kids in. We had concerns about our daughter and whether she needed a gum graft before, during, or after braces. With our son, we simply didn’t know if he should have braces now and possibly another set when he was older, or just wait until he is older and certain teeth are in place. Dr. Black took so much time explaining in detail what he felt was best for each of our children, and my husband and I knew we were at the right place!! So thank you Dr. Black and staff….. You... Read More