Kids’ orthodontics

Pediatric orthodontist

Bringing your child in for an orthodontist visit as early as age 7 can set them up for a lifetime of straighter teeth. A pediatric orthodontist can pinpoint potential issues early in life, even if the child still has baby teeth. Black Orthodontics offers interceptive orthodontic treatment for kids in Asheville, North Carolina. Schedule a visit for your child to see an experienced orthodontist at a kid-friendly office near you.

The benefits of early orthodontic care

If Dr. Black determines your child should undergo early orthodontic treatment, the benefits could last a lifetime. Starting your child’s smile journey earlier in life can lead to:

  • Ample room for teeth to grow into place.
  • Healthier permanent teeth.
  • Reduced likelihood of speech problems from orthodontic concerns.
  • Greater facial symmetry.
  • Stronger gums, teeth and jawbones.
  • Faster results during future treatments.

Our interceptive orthodontic services

Getting a head start on orthodontic treatment can make all the difference for a pediatric patient. Dr. Black has helped hundreds of Asheville children achieve straighter smiles that last deep into life through early interceptive orthodontics.

Under our Free Growth and Guidance Program, your child will visit our office every six to 12 months. During this time, Dr. Black will assess your child’s development. We’ll combine visual analysis with innovative orthodontic technology to see the precise positioning of your child’s teeth and chart their movement over time. Watching the patterns from visit to visit will help Dr. Black determine the best time to start treating your child with Damon braces, Invisalign or another method.

Keep in mind that not every child needs early orthodontic treatment. You can schedule an appointment to have Dr. Black assess your child’s mouth and determine if starting the Free Growth and Guidance Program will be necessary.

  • Treatment time will vary depending on your specific goals

  • You will need to continue your regular schedule of cleanings with your general dentist or periodontist to ensure optimal dental health

  • In rare cases, some people may require additional intervention beyond our office

  • Getting a great alignment is easier and safer than ever. Dr. Black has more than 30 years of experience helping people elevate their smiles with results that last a lifetime.