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About Us

When you come in to visit an orthodontist dentist you will see that it’s more than just what services they offer. Our experience and outstanding service is why we are known as the top place to go for braces and other orthodontic needs.

Where’s the stuffy waiting room?

You don’t want to sit in a boring waiting room and we don’t want you to! We’ve created a cheerful atmosphere in our reception area where you’ll never have to “wait.” It’s filled with music, snacks and fresh baked cookies daily, organic juices, video games, a photo booth, family friendly movies, and activities to keep your kids and teens entertained. We even have fun events like “luau day” and more so that you can always expect a treat here! Our team is always smiling, and we can’t wait to help you and make your experience as comfortable as possible—and dare we say… fun!

What do the kids think about it?

Kids love it here! From the fun experience we provide in our office to the Kids Club—which gives them online access to contests, games, prizes and more—we are focused on making them love visiting us and going through treatment. All of these tactics aren’t just a ploy, though. They work to help kids improve their oral hygiene, giving them healthier smiles, not just prettier ones.

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Mon - Wed: 8:00am – 5:00pm
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5 Yorkshire Street, Suite A
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Phone:   8282777103

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5 Yorkshire St | Suite A
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