Damon System braces

Damon self-ligating braces in Asheville

Dr. Black and the rest of the team at Black Orthodontics are proud to offer Damon braces, some of the newest assistive orthodontic appliances on the market. Damon braces work similarly to traditional braces, except with significant improvements that help reduce the appearance of the braces while shortening the necessary treatment time.

What is the Damon System?

Traditional braces use brackets and archwires to move teeth into place over time. With traditional braces, you return to the orthodontist each month to get the brackets and wires re-tightened.

If you’re looking for a convenient alternative, Damon braces are self-ligating, which means they use a sliding mechanism to keep a lighter archwire in place. This system also forgoes the use of orthodontic elastic bands. Since there’s less hardware in your mouth with Damon braces, properly cleaning your teeth is much easier.

Who's a good fit for self-ligating braces?

Damon braces were designed with everyone in mind. If you have jaw, teeth or mouth issues that traditional braces may solve, you’re a candidate for Damon braces, too! Before you speak with your orthodontist, ask yourself these questions:

  • Would you like to get through your treatment using more effective techniques in less time?
  • Would you like to attend fewer appointments during your treatment?
  • Would you like less invasive and smaller braces?
  • Do you need braces, but want an alternative that’s more reliable and cosmetically appealing?
  • Do you want treatment for your orthodontic issues to cause less pain?
  • Do you plan to improve your oral health and hygiene during treatment?

Answer “yes” to any of these questions? Start exploring our options for self-ligating braces in Asheville!

Self-ligating braces treatment plans

If you and your orthodontist decide that self-ligating braces are right for you, we’ll introduce you to our types of Damon braces:

Damon braces: Using lower friction brackets reduces the wear on your braces and your teeth, allowing your teeth to get into position more quickly. Damon brackets are made with a combination of metal and transparent materials, so although they’re still visible, their cosmetic appearance is significantly reduced.

Damon Clear braces: Reduce the appearance of your braces even further with Damon Clear braces. The entire bracket is made from PCA (polycrystalline alumina) material, which is resistant to staining, so they’ll stay transparent for however long you wear them.

Cost of self-ligating braces

Despite the superior technology of self-ligating braces, they don’t cost much more than what you’d expect to pay for traditional braces. If you have orthodontic insurance, you’ll probably receive the same coverage as traditional braces. Insurance aside, braces in the U.S. typically cost between $975 and $7,000.

Get your new braces today

If you think you or a loved one might be a great candidate for Damon braces, get in touch with Black Orthodontics in Asheville today. Dr. Black’s specialty is treating patients using Damon Braces, leading to overall faster treatment times and higher patient satisfaction than competitors. Start building a beautiful smile and promote long-term mouth wellness when you schedule an appointment now.