How do I fix my overbite?

How Do I Fix My Overbite?

What is overbite?

Overbite has been the bane of the dental world for a long time. In fact, roughly 70% of dental issues are overbite. Like other dental issues, overbite isn’t simply about aesthetics, but can cause concern about dental well-being. At Black Orthodontics, we offer optimal care and utilize many different methods for correcting all dental-related issues.


What causes overbite?

You can picture “buck teeth,” which is when the upper teeth jut out slightly further than normal. This is typically an aesthetic issue, but can also prevent the lips from closing comfortably. In other cases, the upper teeth overlap the bottom teeth significantly.

Overbites are either caused by having teeth out of place or a disproportionate jaw. They are the result of genetics, habits growing up such as thumb sucking, or simply how the teeth grew in. Once we determine what caused the overbite by getting to the root of the problem, we will determine what type of treatment is necessary.

Why should I correct my overbite?

This condition is not only about having a beautiful and straight smile, but more-so about preventing various physical issues. Possible issues from overbite include gum recession from teeth rubbing, damage to the upper teeth, difficulty eating, jaw pain, damaged enamel, and tooth decay. Several issues have a long-term affect on dental health, which is why it’s important to find proper treatment.

Luckily, there are many options available for correcting overbite.

Clear aligners

Clear, 3-D image-created aligner trays are useful for correction in minor cases. We customize clear aligners to fit each unique patient and it is virtually invisible.


Traditional braces, which utilize brackets, an arch wire, and rubber tightening elastics, are also an effective and common solution. The option for clear brackets is available if you want a more discreet look.


In very extreme cases, tooth extraction may be necessary. Examples would be if the upper jaw is too small to accommodate all of the teeth, or if the lower jaw is underdeveloped.

Find out what your options are

The solutions listed above are common, and there are many other options available. It’s best to correct your overbite immediately, especially if it’s causing you discomfort. You’ll be much happier and healthier in the long run! Ready to get started? Contact us now and gear up for a healthy smile!