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Removable Retainers

Once you’ve finished your orthodontic treatment, you move to the retention phase. During the retention phase, you will use an appliance to keep your teeth in their most ideal placement. 

Dentist show dental retainer orthodontic appliance on his hand.

Since everyone’s teeth tend to shift and change over time, wearing a retainer protects the investment you made in your braces treatment. When worn consistently, removable clear retainers are a dependable method of smile retention.  

Clear plastic retainers are custom-made and carefully chosen to fit your needs. They are virtually invisible, less bulky, and don’t get in the way of speech and daily activities. 

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What to Expect with Removable Retainers

Clear plastic retainers are thin, comfortable, and easy to remove when eating or drinking. Dr. Black will custom fit a retainer for you and give you all the information you need to keep your smile in place. Plus, your upfront treatment cost includes one retainer set and covers all office visits for a whole year past your date of completion.

Here are some tips on getting the most out of your treatment with removable retainers: 

Wear Your Retainer As Directed

The best way to keep your teeth from shifting is to wear your retainer consistently. Since your teeth naturally want to move out of position, wearing your retainer as directed is crucial to protect your investment.

It's normal to experience some soreness in the first few days after your braces come off. Your irritation will fade as you continue to wear your retainer.

Clean Your Retainer

Having a retainer means there are some additional steps to take when cleaning your teeth. When you brush your teeth twice daily, make sure you also thoroughly clean your retainer. Whenever you are cleaning your retainer, make sure you use cold water because hot water can warp the retainer.

Storing Your Retainer

While your removable retainer is quite durable, it is important to protect it carefully. The best rule of thumb for retainer care is always putting it back in its case when you remove it.

Never put your retainer in a napkin, as it can often be mistaken for trash. Avoid putting it directly into a pocket or purse, which can easily cause damage. It's also a smart idea to keep your retainers out of reach of children and pets.

Types of Removable Retainers

At Black Orthodontics, we offer two different kinds of removable retainers. Dr. Black will give you a retainer customized to your smile needs. As a bonus, these retainers are included in the cost of treatment!

Hawley Retainer

Close up of blue dental retainer

A Hawley Retainer uses an acrylic palette that fits comfortably into your mouth. The design uses a wire that goes across your front teeth to keep your new bite in place. Patients can expect to wear their retainer for 24 hours a day at the start of treatment. After the initial retention period, Dr. Black may recommend only nightly wear. 

Clear Retainers

Inivisalign braces or invisible orthodontic aligner.

Clear retainers are similar to Invisalign in that they are made from thin plastic and mold easily to your teeth. For the first part of your treatment, clear retainers must be worn 24 hours a day (except when eating and drinking). If your retention is going well, Dr. Black may determine that you only need to wear them at night.

Man Adjusting Transparent Aligners In His Teeth

Benefits of Removable Retainers

Removable retainers are a great choice for smile retention. Our patients love these types of retainers because they keep your smile in place while giving you extra freedom! Here are some of the benefits of removable retainers:

Get Removable Retainers from Asheville’s Orthodontics Experts

Smile retention plays a key role in safeguarding your brand new smile! Since your teeth have a natural tendency to move over time, wearing your removable retainer according to your orthodontist’s instructions will keep your smile gorgeous in the future.

Dr. Black has been crafting beautiful smiles in the Asheville area for over 30 years. If you have questions about smile retention, visiting the orthodontist after treatment, or different types of retainers, call or text us today. We are excited to help you navigate your smile journey! Schedule your free smile assessment today!