How much do retainers cost?

Retainers are crucial to safeguard your beautiful new smile and to keep your teeth from shifting out of place. The key to keeping a radiant smile for life is to continuously wear your retainer after treatment! When you have a broken or lost retainer, rest assured there are many replacement options. But how much do retainers cost?

The cost of retainers will vary depending on the material, how many retainers you need, and what stage you are at in your orthodontic treatment.

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Permanent retainers

A permanent retainer is a flexible, flat wire that is permanently set behind your lower front teeth. Also called a lower bonded retainer, this type is better for patients with good oral hygiene habits. Plus, since it is bonded on the backside of your cuspids, it is invisible to onlookers!

Permanent retainer costs are included in your orthodontic treatment plan. While this type of retainer is sturdy and built to last, there is a $150-$500 fee to replace it if it loosens or breaks.

Removable retainers

Black Orthodontics offers Vivera or Essix removable retainers. These kinds of removable retainers are made of clear plastic and are custom-made to safeguard your smile for years to come! Your treatment plan includes one set of retainers at no additional cost. If you do need replacement retainers, the cost will vary depending on your needs.

Essix clear retainer

Essix removable retainers are made of transparent plastic. This type of retainer lasts about 2-3 years or more and is a more affordable replacement option. If you were a patient of Dr. Black, then the total Essix retainer cost is included in your treatment fee. If you need a replacement, then you will need to pay $175 per arch. Non-patients can expect fees ranging from $400-500.

Vivera retainer

Vivera removable retainers are made of clear, durable material that is 30% stronger than its plastic counterparts. Vivera clear retainers cost $750. That cost also includes an in-house aligner, so you get five sets of retainers.

The cost of retainers is included in your treatment plan

You’ve been waiting a long time for your braces to come off! In order to maintain the results of a gorgeous smile, you need to diligently wear your retainers every day.

At the end of your treatment, Dr. Black will talk to you about retainer options and answer any queries you might have about smile retention.

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