Traditional metal braces

Traditional metal braces

The team at Black Orthodontics offers traditional metal braces and leading alternatives to treat overbites, crowding and other orthodontic issues. While other methods exist, traditional braces remain one of the most popular options.

Metal braces provide effective treatment and durability, and today’s options come with smaller brackets, too. Black Orthodontics can help you choose whether this treatment is right for you.

Are you a good candidate for traditional braces?

You may be a good candidate for braces if you need to address overcrowding, gaps between teeth, crooked teeth, an overbite or an underbite. If you’re considering this treatment, you must be ready to care for your dental health and braces during treatment and to follow orthodontic recommendations.

The best way to tell whether metal braces are right for you is to speak to an orthodontist who can help you choose the right treatment for your needs. If you’re in the Asheville area, contact Black Orthodontics to schedule an appointment to discuss your options.

How do metal braces work?

Metal braces have brackets, wires, bands, elastics and ligatures. The brackets attach to each tooth, and bands are applied to the back molars. Bands are similar to brackets but have a metal ring around the teeth. Wires run through each bracket.

Orthodontists replace the wires regularly, gradually moving the teeth into the right position and correcting issues like overcrowding. Once the wires are replaced, patients use small elastic bands over the wires to create tension that aligns the bite. For many patients, elastics can also add fun to braces since these accessories come in many colors.

What are the advantages of traditional metal braces?

Traditional braces:

  • Stay on the teeth permanently, allowing for faster treatment.
  • May cost less than some other treatments.
  • Are one of the sturdiest types of braces available.
  • Provide lasting results with proper care, allowing you to enjoy a healthy, attractive smile.
  • Can help you avoid surgery and assist in challenging cases.
  • Allow you to take part in most activities, including sports.

How much do metal braces cost?

The cost of metal braces varies widely and depends on your condition’s severity, your treatment’s length and other factors. Metal braces may cost less, in general, than other braces and are often covered by insurance. An orthodontist can discuss costs with you during a consultation.

Tips for metal braces care

Caring for your teeth and traditional metal braces is essential for lasting results:

  • Visit your orthodontist regularly and follow all instructions.
  • Avoid crunchy or sticky foods, like toffee and nuts, that may damage your braces.
  • Clean your teeth carefully by brushing and flossing, using brands your orthodontist recommends.
  • Use an oral irrigator to remove food debris around your braces if advised by your orthodontist.