Adult braces survival guide

Adult Braces Survival Guide

Why adults want braces

More and more adults are beginning to show an interest in getting braces. One reason is that research is showing the importance of dental care in the long term. Aligned teeth lead to a much lower risk of having dental-related health issues throughout your life. Overall, treatment is now far more efficient, safe, and comfortable than it has ever been before. Dr. Keith Black with Black Orthodontics offers the most efficient care for all ages and ensures that your treatment perfectly suits you!

Making the best of your experience

Having braces as an adult can be challenging. Unlike children, adults are already fully grown and developed. The bones already fixed into place and do not move and heal as quickly as a child’s. Here are some ways to make your experience run smoothly.

Appearances do matter!

If you’re concerned about how you may look with adult braces, consult your orthodontist. Dr. Black, at Black Orthodontics, has been utilizing clear aligners longer than any practice in Western North Carolina. Clear aligners are a removable, transparent plastic appliance created to adjust your teeth over time. The best part about it is that it’s virtually invisible! This is a very popular option amongst adults.

Choose soft foods…for now

Those first few days after having your braces adjusted require some extra love. Your teeth become very sensitive because they’re acclimating to their new position. During this time, go for foods that are soft and easy to swallow. For example, eat yogurt, smoothies, soft fruit, creamy soups, or very cooked pasta. Don’t worry, it’ll only be for about a week. Then, you can gradually begin to integrate harder and more crunchy foods.

Use great products

Your orthodontist will provide you with dental wax if you’re using traditional braces. The brackets and wires can often rub against your gums, and the wax is a magical remedy. You simply use a small piece and press it into the braces to create a buffer against the rubbing. Additionally, Sensodyne toothpaste is great for soothing nerve pain. Choose toothpastes for sensitive teeth and steer clear of those with whitening properties. Ibuprofen is always an option during those first few days of sensitivity, also.

Our quality care

At Black Orthodontics, there is no doubt that you will receive the best care possible. Dr. Keith Black stays up to date on all of the highest quality orthodontic technologies. Every patient is treated with quality care and receives unique treatment. This way, we ensure that you have a smooth journey and maintain lasting results. Begin your quality care right away and contact us for your free consultation.