Faster Treatment

Accelerated Orthodontics means Faster Treatment!

As you consider orthodontics, we want you to know about some great advances in technology that allow you to accelerate your treatment. Dr. Black proudly offers several options that help you get the smile you want in less time than ever before.

Do you have a big event coming up? Think about what accelerated orthodontic treatment can do for your smile before that special day. Maybe you have a wedding, vacation, or high school reunion that you want just the perfect smile for but you don’t have years to wait.

Now you can get that smile you want in a shorter time. They also help speed up your treatment and reduce your time in braces or Invisalign. While Dr. Black provides several customizable options, Acceledent® is currently the most popular, and least invasive, option to go along with Invisalign or braces.


So you want to improve the look of your smile, but does the thought of spending months, or even years, in braces sound like too much of a hassle? Now you can achieve your most perfect smile in no time at all by adding AcceleDent® to your treatment. This pain-free, easy appliance can reduce the time of your orthodontic treatment by 38 to 50 percent!

How does AcceleDent® work?

AcceleDent® is a lightweight, comfortable, hands-free appliance you use for just 20 minutes a day. It complements braces or Invisalign to accelerate tooth movement. The patented technology gently vibrates the teeth and surrounding bone, allowing teeth to move more freely.

The best part of the AcceleDent® System is that it’s completely safe! You may experience a slight tingling sensation, much like that of the vibration of an electric toothbrush, but it should diminish after you become accustomed to using the appliance.

What’s great about an accelerated orthodontic experience is that it doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics—meaning, nobody sees it and you may even forget you’re using it. Who knew you could straighten your teeth while reading, watching TV, listening to music, or doing school work! It’s great for adolescents, teens, and adults, and it is completely safe for patients of all ages.

To find out if AcceleDent® is right for you, contact our office to set up a complimentary consultation. Keep smiling!