Treatment benefits

  • Orthodontics offers the promise of an attractive smile and so much more…
  • Orthodontics enhances the quality of life for people of all ages. A beautiful smile allows children and teens to be more self-confident. Since braces have become smaller and treatment times shortened, more adults than ever before are also undergoing orthodontic treatment.
  • An individual’s self-esteem increases as the teeth, jaws and lips become properly aligned. The alignment of the jaws and teeth will also enable the patient to achieve better occlusion, an improved bite and a more proportional facial structure. In post-treatment photographs, we’ve often noticed that patients sit up straighter, are more eager to smile and more confident in their overall appearance!
  • After treatment, patients are able to chew their food more easily. Chewing is the first step in digestion. If teeth are crooked, food will not be chewed properly, which often leads to recurrent indigestion.
  • An individual may seek treatment to alleviate or prevent health problems. Crooked teeth are hard to clean so individuals with crooked teeth tend to have more cavities and gum problems. These problems become progressively worse with time as the teeth become more twisted and crowded.
  • Orthodontics can prevent problems associated with a “bad bite.” A poor bite can contribute to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) discomfort, facial pain, temporal headaches, speech impairments, tooth loss, chipped teeth and other dental injuries.
  • Patients learn tips for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. During orthodontic treatment, Dr. Black and his staff will give patients helpful hints for keeping their braces and clinical appliances clean. They will also teach patients about maintaining good oral hygiene so that results will last a lifetime.

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