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We have an exciting new technique in our office called Propel. Propel is a technique that stimulates the bone in targeted areas so that we are able to achieve a more ideal finish and in significantly less time.

How Does Propel Work?

propel_logoThe process is simple, first we apply an anesthetic to numb the area. Then we use the device to stimulate the bone around a few teeth. This creates a biological response that will temporarily soften the bone and allow the teeth to move faster through it. It is a simple in-office treatment that takes just minutes and afterwards you can go on with the rest of your day. We are targeting these few select teeth because the movements in these areas will determine the length of your treatment time. By using Propel, we are completing these movements more efficiently to give you a great result. It’s going to fast track your case and cut treatment time by at least 40% or more.

There is no healing or down time. Most patients don’t feel anything after anesthesia wears off, at the most they may feel some light sensitivity for about 24 hours. If so, Tylenol is the only medication recommended.

Propel can result in:

  • Shorter treatment times
  • Fewer office visits
  • Less time off work
  • Less compliance concerns since shorter Tx
  • Shorter Tx time means better hygiene
  • Less risk of root resorption/shorter Tx times

By incorporating Propel with your orthodontic treatment; those challenging movements on your UR will be a lot easier to move; it will help us to provide a better result for you.