Braces: what adult options do I have?

Can I get braces at 18 years old? What about braces at 21? Can I get braces after 40? Am I ever really too old for braces? No, you are not. But let’s step back and delve in a bit more.

What stops adults from getting braces?

“I just thought I can’t do this at my age,” says Mary, a recent patient in her 40s. These are feelings all of us share. Can I start something new? Can I really get braces at my age? It’s also something Dr. Black and his entire staff understand. “When I finally made the decision,” Mary continues, “with the help of the staff encouraging me on, it [the orthodontic process] has flown by.” 

Lori, another recent adult patient, initially had concerns about the process, but Dr. Black and his staff worked with her each step of the way to alleviate these. “They are not treating a patient,” Lori says, “they’re not treating a name, they’re treating a person.” This commitment, to truly individual and holistic care, is one of the ways in which Black Orthodontics helps people feel more comfortable and confident in the process. 

What options are there for adults?

Nowadays, many options are available, including those that are less invasive, fast, and clear. One option is clear aligners, which are less noticeable than many others. Another, the AcceleDent system, used in conjunction with other options, has been shown to help speed up treatment by up to 50%. Age is no longer a factor in providing the most innovative and efficient options available. In fact, roughly 30% of Dr. Black’s clients are between the ages of 18-75. Puberty signals the end of head growth, so treating adults is almost identical to treating adolescents past that stage in development.

“We work hard to provide patients with options that best fit their current lifestyle. With the technology available, you can now get the healthy smile you deserve faster and easier than ever before,” says Dr. Black. To that end, he works with each person to determine which course of action fits best for their health.

How successful are braces for adults?

Research shows that braces are extremely successful for adults. In fact, there are no major differences in success between post-pubescent adolescents and adults.

“I would highly recommend coming to Dr. Black’s office,” Mary says, “whether you’re my age, younger, older—you can do this.”

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