What is a pediatric orthodontist?

You want the best for your child’s health and well-being. Kids’ teeth are constantly changing, and there are countless benefits to seeing an orthodontist early. According to the American Association of Orthodontics, establishing a relationship with an orthodontist by the age of seven can help set your child up for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

By visiting an orthodontist early, you can get ahead of any unexpected growth patterns, and strategize the best time to start treating your child. Our Asheville pediatric orthodontists will help you build a happy, healthy, and sustainable smile for your child.

Discover how pediatric orthodontic care can help your child start their smile journey. Schedule a free virtual or in-person smile assessment with Black Orthodontics today!

Why should my child see a pediatric orthodontist?

Parents should take their child to see a pediatric orthodontist for:

Crooked teeth

Medical image of crooked teeth


Medical image of an overbite


Medical image of an underbite

Unhealthy oral habits (such as thumb sucking)

Cute baby sleeping while sucking thumb

What does a pediatric orthodontist do?

Pediatric orthodontists provide children with interceptive therapy, partial treatment, growth modification, early intervention and other modalities. These procedures can help you avoid the future costly expenses of painful procedures like jaw surgery or tooth extraction. Comprehensive pediatric treatment may include the strategic use of clear aligners or braces.

Black Orthodontics offers a free Growth Guidance Program. This program lets us monitor your child’s development and identify any concerning spots in their development. The majority of patients who visit us for free Growth Guidance appointments won’t need early treatment. We don’t believe in recommending unnecessary treatment and will only intervene if it makes sense.

What is Two-Phase treatment?

If your child needs some help getting started on their smile journey, we may recommend Two-Phase treatment. Two-Phase treatment starts around year eight or nine with braces, a fixed appliance, a removable appliance, or some combination of the two. The appliance depends on the child’s unique needs. This part of the treatment lasts anywhere from 10-14 months. By starting treatment with baby teeth, it can clear a path for the emergence of permanent teeth.

After a resting period, the second Phase starts around the tailend of the preteen years between ages 11-12.  This Phase generally lasts 12-20 months, and includes appliances to help your child develop a natural smile.

Best pediatric orthodontist in Asheville, NC

Your child is always growing and changing, and so is their smile! Getting care from a pediatric orthodontist can fix early dental conditions and help your child establish great dental habits. Plus, they will monitor your child’s growth progress and help guide them towards a healthier smile!

Dr. Black has more than 30 years of experience crafting beautiful smiles across the Asheville area. If your child needs early orthodontics or dental care, schedule a free virtual or in-person smile assessment with us today!