Are adult braces for me?

Getting your best smile

Sometimes it takes courage to make changes in our lives. A straighter smile may be something you’ve always wanted, but you may feel overwhelmed at the thought of adult braces with everything that’s going on in your life. If you’re hesitant about starting orthodontic treatment, know that you’re not alone. Many adults are curious about treatments like invisible braces or clear aligners and how orthodontics can help them get their best smile and fix dental issues they’ve dealt with for many years. We want to tell you that it’s never too late. Dr. Black offers free consultations and we invite you to come in to learn more about braces, clear aligners, and other progressive treatment options. From there, you can decide if orthodontic treatment is a good option for you.

Adult braces are better than in the past

Why are so many more adults interested in getting braces now than before? Years ago it was difficult to find suitable options when it came to improving your smile and health. Nowadays you are surrounded by technological advancements which include cutting-edge orthodontic procedures that allow for faster, cheaper, and pain-free treatments. Many adults have dealt with dental issues such as crooked teeth, overbites, overcrowding, and misalignment their entire lives because excellent orthodontic options simply weren’t available. Over a long period of time, if these issues are not corrected they can lead to tooth decay, cavities, and difficulties with dental hygiene. With Black Orthodontics, you can now choose a doctor who considers all of your physical needs and can provide treatment that is quick, reliable, and comfortable. It’s never too late to have your best smile yet!

Getting braces doesn’t mean “metal mouth”!

You might envision a mouth full of metal when considering braces. Do you want to skip over all of those wires and uncomfortable metal? Do you want to straighten your teeth while not having to worry about the complications of brushing and flossing? Dr. Black offers a variety of options that are appealing to adults and teenagers, such as clear aligners and invisible braces. He has extensive experience with providing clear aligners and is guaranteed to give you the highest quality of straightening. The magic to this treatment is that your teeth are straightened in a practically unseen way so you can go about your day with a confident smile. For the best deal in town, be sure to call Dr. Black for invisible braces or clear aligners for nearly the same price depending on what’s best for you.

Get your free consultation

Now that you know you can have your most beautiful smile no matter your age, call Dr. Black to set up a free consultation and find out all of your options.