Kids braces

Your guide to braces for kids

While braces are typically associated with teens, they can also create a healthy, beautiful smile in kids. It’s recommended that kids start seeing an orthodontist around 7 years old when their permanent teeth start coming in.

During the initial visit, an orthodontist will evaluate your child’s dental development to ensure they’re progressing properly and don’t have problems with their teeth or jaw. If they discover any areas of concern, an orthodontist may recommend braces.

Why do kids get braces?

Your orthodontist will look out for several potential issues during your child’s first smile assessment, ranging from protruding teeth to crowding.

At this age, a child’s teeth and jawbones are still developing. If there are any problems like an overbite, it will be much easier to correct now rather than later. Also, early treatment prevents more involved or serious problems in the future, saving both time and money.

Getting braces early will create a foundation for your child’s healthy smile that they’ll proudly show off for years to come.

Does my child need braces?

  • First visit

    When you bring your child in for their first orthodontist visit at Black Orthodontics, we’ll look out for several areas of concern. Common issues involve spacing, crowding, crossbite and a deep bite.

  • Develop a treatment plan

    Next, we’ll develop a plan to address development and alignment issues as your child grows and their jaw is more pliable. Typically, if braces are recommended, kids will only wear them for six to 12 months to guide the teeth and the jaw bones back into place.

  • Conservative approach

    Whatever the circumstance, you can trust that Dr. Black will only recommend braces if necessary. This conservative approach ensures children receive the treatment they need — when they need it.

  • Free growth and guidance program

    We can teach your child healthy habits and maintain their development - at no cost to you.

  • Every child is unique

    Some may not have any developmental issues with their teeth or jaw while others will benefit from braces.

Our braces for kids teeth

At Black Orthodontics, we have partial braces that will correct some of the most common issues with kid’s teeth. Unlike full braces, partial braces are only added to a couple of teeth. These braces are held in place by back brackets on the molars.

From correcting crooked upper or lower teeth to helping fix a crossbite, partial braces can help improve facial symmetry and create a better foundation for permanent teeth.

Why choose Black Orthodontics?

Wherever you are on your smile journey, you can expect premier orthodontic treatment at Black Orthodontics. Our team is committed to delivering an outstanding experience for all of our patients.

When you schedule an appointment, you can trust that we’ll focus on your overall oral health, ensuring we effectively resolve any current issues and keep you healthy now and in the future.