No. Most children only need one set of braces once all their permanent teeth are present. However, a small percentage of children do need two sets of braces. Treating some problems early will reduce the need for more invasive treatments later on.

Early treatment, or two-phase treatment, can also eliminate challenges that would become worse if left alone. These challenges may include – extracting permanent teeth, damage to permanent teeth, asymmetrical growth, impacted teeth (teeth that are stuck in bone), and damage to delicate gum tissue.

Dr. Black understands how important it is to start orthodontic treatment at the right time and because each mouth is different, he offers free growth and development visits to help determine the best time to start your child’s braces. Dr. Black always takes the most conservative approach to achieve the best possible smile for our patients, only 8% of the patients we see need two-phase/early of orthodontic treatment. Please message us today if you want to know if your child REALLY needs two sets of braces.