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Some dental insurance plans provide orthodontic coverage, which includes Invisalign, clear braces, and metal braces. Our team will contact your insurance provider and verify your orthodontic eligibility and benefit prior to your initial visit. Typically, if you have coverage you will have a lifetime maximum of $1,000, $1,500, or $2,000 of orthodontic coverage with your dental insurance.

If your carrier will allow us to accept the assignment, we will file to your insurance once treatment has started. We deduct however much they will pay right off the top of your treatment fee.
We work to help ensure you receive your maximum amount of coverage, getting you all the savings we can.

But even if you don’t have dental insurance, no worries! Most patients actually don’t have orthodontic insurance, which is another reason we offer so many flexible payment options.

To find out more specifically what it will cost for you to get the smile you have always needed and wanted, please contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation.