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Orthodontists Near Me

When you are looking for an orthodontists near me there are some things you should look for that are more important than location. The first and most important is quality service. When you visit our office in Asheville, you are looking for a solution to a problem you have been dealing with for years, straightening your teeth. You want a practical solution that is going to get great results as quickly as possible without discomfort or any annoyance. That’s a tall order but we have spent a long time researching and reviewing the latest options and have found two that meet those request.

Invisalign and the Damon system are two teeth straightening options that our patients have loved. Invisalign is famous because it can be removed when you are eating, want to brush your teeth and are not obviously seen when you are wearing them. Damon follows the more traditional style of braces but with a few added benefits. There are no rubber bands which means you do not have to make as many adjustments, they are smaller and far more comfortable and they get faster results. These two options have been highly rated and desired by our patients as they make the entire process go faster while still producing great results.

At Black Orthodontics, our goal is to be more than just the person you find when looking for an orthodontists near me. For over two decades we have built our reputation on elite service and working hard to make taking care of the customer’s demands our biggest priority. If you are not a fan of the idea of standard braces and you want to get real results in less time, without discomfort and want flexible payment options then you need to give us a call today and we can help take care of all your needs.