Damon Braces & Damon Clear


Damon Braces & Damon Clear

We’re Proud to Offer Damon System Braces

A common misperception for orthodontics is that the process of improving your smile can be painful and unsightly. Thankfully, improvements in technology have begun to address these problems. Dr. Black’s office is proud to offer Damon System Braces® and Damon Clear products to the Asheville community. This revolutionary, high-tech appliance is particularly popular with adult orthodontics because of its sleek design.

How does The Damon work?

Damon System Braces® are designed to be discreet, comfortable, and easy to clean. Because the braces don’t have elastic ties, Damon Braces make dental hygiene easy during treatment. The Damon System provides state-of-the art technology because it doesn’t rely on tightening or orthodontic bands.

The Damon System also uses passive self-ligation which is faster, more comfortable, and requires fewer office visits. Damon brackets are designed to secure themselves. This is because the bracket itself holds the wire in place. The low-friction nature of the system assures improved tooth position and improved facial harmony.

What Makes Damon A Good Choice?

The Damon System Braces® are among the easiest braces to install. Also, the wire is much easier to change and there is less friction between the wire and the mouth. This not only increases the patient’s comfort level, it decreases the amount of time they have to spend in an orthodontic office, making them a happy client. The System offers several types of archwires that come in varying materials and sizes as well as a nickel free solution. Dr. Black can even remove and replace plastic hooks at any time to make you more comfortable with daily activities such as eating and brushing your teeth.

With the Damon System, the lighter forces not only make treatment more comfortable, but also provide broader and fuller smiles.

If you’ve been told your treatment will require tooth extractions, headgear, rapid palatal expanders, or surgery, the Damon System from Dr. Black could help you avoid most or all of those formerly common elements of treatment. Plus it’s faster, more comfortable, and the results speak for themselves.

Don’t let anything distract from your smile! Damon Clear is also available for an even more discreet look.

To find out if Damon System Braces® or Damon Clear is right for you, contact our office to set up a complimentary consultation. We are happy to help with any questions or provide more information so that you can choose the treatment option best for your unique situation. Keep smiling!