We Love Giving Asheville a Faster, More Comfortable Invisalign Experience With VPro & DentalMonitoring

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Accelerate Your Treatment and Enjoy Fewer Office Visits at No Additional Charge

The world is opening up again, and we all want to put forward our best smile. While Invisalign is a discreet, convenient way for adults and older teens to get the smile of their dreams, it’s important to remember that not all Invisalign experiences are created equal!

We offer our Invisalign patients two free tools that make treatment quicker, more convenient and more comfortable:

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Discover a Better Patient Experience at Black Orthodontics

Modern Approach

We explore all options – including VPro and Dental Monitoring – to provide modern Invisalign treatment that works faster and more efficiently, is easier to adjust to, and less painful.

Flexible Financing

We don’t think finances should be a roadblock between you and your perfect smile – payment arrangements are customized for each patient to maximize participation and outcomes.

Transparent Honesty

Not sure if it’s the right time for treatment? Not sure if you can afford it? We believe in holding honest conversations without pressure or obligation, so you don’t have to sweat it!

VPro+ and Case

Enjoy Faster, More Comfortable Treatment With VPRO

As the only high-frequency vibration device proven to accelerate orthodontic tooth movement, the VPro is designed to make treatment more comfortable while also delivering more predictable results ahead of schedule. It’s also incredibly convenient to achieve these results because you only need to use the VPro for 5 minutes each day.

How does it work? In a nutshell, the vibrations from VPro recruit helpful cells to the areas where your teeth are moving through bone, reducing lactic acid build-up in that region so you can heal more effectively. These vibrations also help you get back on track if there are any issues with your progress, which makes VPro an all-around win for our patients.

Stay on Track and Visit Our Office Less With DentalMonitoring

With so much life to catch up on – and so much to smile about – we understand that our Invisalign patients want the most convenient and efficient treatment schedule possible. That’s where our DentalMonitoring service comes in!

When you begin your Invisalign journey at Black Orthodontics, we’ll give you every tool you need to participate in this remote monitoring service. By sending accurate, detailed teeth scans to Dr. Black via your phone, DentalMonitoring reduces the number of visits you’ll need to make to our office without compromising your connection to Dr. Black or the quality of your treatment.

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Why Asheville Trusts Dr. Black to Deliver Top-Notch Orthodontics