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It’s Time For Braces

Your First Dentist Visit

As your child grows older,  you’re probably wondering when to schedule that very first orthodontist appointment. He or she might be thrilled to go to the dentist after seeing braces on their friends! On the other hand, there might be some hesitation around how they might look at school.

It’s great to assure your child that it’s important to have an orthodontist look and make sure everything looks healthy. At Black Orthodontics, we offer quality early treatment to ensure long-term dental health and avoid challenging corrective measures later in life. Our office is easy-going, with video games, fresh baked cookies, and comfy chairs.

The Time for Braces

It’s best to take your child for their first dentist appointment during early years, preferably before the age of 7. The dentist can then determine whether or not an orthodontist is necessary. If so, the orthodontist will decide if treatment is needed later on or immediately along with best method of treatment.

Earlier is better than later because teeth correction will be much easier and longer lasting. During childhood years, we’re still growing and our bodies adapt to change much easier than when we are fully grown. We heal much faster and corrections are easier to do. Later in life, a problem that could have been corrected earlier may now require a more extreme route such as surgery.

Why Braces?

There are several issues that require braces and can be treated at an early age.

Malocclusion (Overbite)

Over or underbite is when the upper jaw is larger than the lower jaw or vice versa. This can lead to damaged gums, tooth issues, and jaw pain.


Teeth crowding is caused when the teeth are too large to fit into the jaw. It’s also a result of an unhealthy ratio of teeth to jaw size. If not treated, crowded teeth can increase the likelihood of cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease.


Tooth caps are caused by either an improper ratio of teeth to jaw size or overlapping. Like many dental issues, gaps are caused either by genetics or long-term habits such as thumb sucking.

Earlier is Better

Luckily, most issues can be corrected with the proper orthodontic treatment. Correction is much easier earlier in life and healing happens more quickly. Even if braces aren’t necessary right away or at all, it’s a good idea to go for a check up.

Diagnosing any potential issues early on means that your orthodontist can plan for corrective methods. Are you ready to get started with braces? Contact us now to schedule your first appointment with Black Orthodontics!