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Is It Time For Orthodontic Treatment?

Do you have questions about orthodontic treatment and wonder if braces or Invisalign will work for you? This is the perfect time to find out. Every day, more and more people are turning to orthodontics than ever before for a variety of reasons. Orthodontic treatment attracts so many people because it is guaranteed to give patients a brighter, more confident smile. It corrects physical issues, such as misaligned jaws or crowded teeth. Preventing possible future dental issues helps you to have not only a brighter smile but a healthier one too. Nearly all patients find that their health, as well as their self-esteem, is significantly greater after receiving braces or Invisalign.

Meet Dr. Black

Looking for an orthodontist who is right for you? Dr. Black, Asheville’s top-rated orthodontist, has specialized in orthodontics for more than 30 years and has created a name for himself through his highly regarded orthodontic specialty, his accommodating and cheerful team, and outstanding patient testimonies. He was awarded Employer of the Year by the Asheville Chamber of Commerce, and his entire staff is excited to assist others and show their own smiles daily. After spending time with his wife and three daughters, Dr. Black loves creating beautiful smiles for people of all ages. He also stays actively involved in Asheville’s community groups and serves on various local community boards because he values civic involvement.

Wondering if Orthodontic Treatment Right For YouWhen Should I See An Orthodontist?

You may be wondering, when is the right time to see an orthodontist? While many doctors recommend braces during the early ages of a child’s developmental stage, they are equally suitable for people younger and older alike. At Black Orthodontics, we take all things into consideration and ensure that we provide the best treatment tailored to your physical needs. Not only do we specialize in Invisalign, braces, and Invisalign teen for our younger patients, we offer adult orthodontics and other adult braces options. Many adults endure dental issues every day and believe that fixing them now would waste time. However, we encourage you to seek treatment to resolve these issues. It is never too late to feel healthier and more confident!   

Orthodontic Treatment Fixes More Than Your Smile

Choosing Dr. Black’s orthodontic treatment provides much more than just a beautiful smile. By correcting issues such as misalignment and overcrowding now, you will not have to endure dental problems in the future. We’ve also seen a significant increase in self-confidence because when the teeth are straightened and the facial structure becomes more symmetrical, people begin to stand taller and smile more often. And of course, your teeth will be so much easier to clean and keep free of cavities and gum issues.  

Call Us For Your Free Orthodontic Consultation

The team at Black Orthodontics invites you to learn more about braces, Invisalign, and other progressive treatment options. We offer a wide variety of treatments to suit your needs. Want to know what else we can do for you? Call us today to reserve your free orthodontic consultation with Dr. Black, the top orthodontist in Asheville, NC.