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How Do Braces Straighten Teeth?

How Do Braces Straighten Teeth?

Are You Ready for Braces?

You’re ready for a shiny smile and healthy gums. Before taking the leap of faith, you probably want to know whether or not braces work, right? You’re may be asking, “How do braces straighten teeth?” Fortunately for those seeking orthodontic care, Black Orthodontics offers affordable, effective, and comparatively fast and comfortable care. We make sure that you stay informed about the orthodontic process so you can follow everything that’s going on.

How It Works

Okay, so how do braces work? Traditional braces utilize a bracket and archwire. The brackets are temporarily attached to each tooth and bonded together with a wire and small elastic bands. Over time, orthodontic adjustments to the archwire gently guide the teeth into their healthy straight position. Once all of the teeth are in place, the tissue grows into the new position and strengthens around the bone. Your teeth are now in place, strong, and healthy! While this is the traditional treatment, Dr. Black provides different straightening methods and determines which one is best for you. There are other options that are more effective and more comfortable, so contact us now to learn what’s right for you.

Alternatives to Traditional Braces

Damon System Braces
In addition to regular metal braces, Dr. Black utilizes Damon System Braces, a technological advantage in the orthodontic world. This system eliminates the elastics used on regular braces and uses a bracket clip that keeps the wire in place. The advantage to not having bands is that the movement of teeth is a lot more natural. The uncomfortable tightening is significantly reduced, doctor visits are less necessary, and it’s faster than regular braces.

Another relatively new technology in the orthodontic world is Invisalign. If you’re seeking an orthodontist in Western North Carolina. Dr. Black has used Invisalign longer than any practice in the region. Rather than utilizing traditional brackets, this method incorporates an aligner tray. The tray is first designed as a 3-D computer model so that it will fit your mouth perfectly. What are the benefits? First of all, it’s virtually invisible, and second, it can be removed at any time for eating and easy cleaning!  

Braces Do Work!

Braces are extremely effective when it comes to straightening your teeth for a beautiful smile and long-term dental health. Orthodontic care is now more practical than ever before with growing technologies. Black Orthodontics uses the most effective orthodontic technologies currently available and ensures that you have a comfortable and seamless experience! What are you waiting for? Contact us now and start your journey to a beautiful smile.