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Dr Black Gives Back to Asheville

Black Orthodontics gives back to Asheville. Black Orthodontics has a long tradition of community involvement. We are committed to improving people’s well-being and creating beautiful smiles all over Asheville and Western North Carolina. Dr. Black, his wife, and their three daughters work with several community groups. His involvement with our community has won him awards like Employer of the Year and Small Business Leader of the Year by the Asheville Chamber of Commerce. We stick to our belief that everyone benefits when we take an interest in the causes and passions of our patients and the overall community.

Community Involvement Instead of Advertising

Rather than investing in high-priced advertising, we prefer to give back to Asheville and Western North Carolina by investing in some of the things we believe to be important. How do we give back? Black Orthodontics is proud to donate to our schools and support local causes, sponsoring community sports as well. 

Black Gives Back” isn’t just a catch phrase. We are serious about making an impact around the community. Black Orthodontics provides patients with beautiful, healthy smiles, and we work hard to do more by supporting enriching experiences for children and families of our community.

Black Orthodontics Logo

Look For Our Logo!

When you’re out and about, make sure to look closely! You are likely to find Black Orthodontics staff members on soccer fields, giving career presentations in local classrooms, thanking teachers and other everyday heroes with special goods and treats, sponsoring community family events, and much more! Students of all ages are frequent guests at the office and enjoy learning about the profession as they shadow staff.

Keep an eye out around town for all of the ways Black Orthodontics gives back to Asheville! We are committed to Asheville and Western North Carolina.