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Learn about removable appliances, water flossers, and rinses

Why Invisalign?

Braces are not just about cosmetics. And now, thanks to technological advancements and increasing availability of orthodontic procedures, more adults of all ages want to straighten their teeth. Orthodontic treatment has been proven to improve long-term dental health. Knowing all this, however, doesn’t mean adults necessarily want to have a metallic grin. They have meetings, parties, and conferences to attend! Well, fortunately, we are long past the days of clunky headgear and the like. Invisalign helps you straighten your teeth and improve your smile, and the best part is that it does it practically invisibly. If you’re thinking about how Invisalign could help you, contact Black Orthodontics. Dr. Black is a veteran of Invisalign and has been offering it to his patients longer than any doctor in Western North Carolina.

About Invisalign

Technology has taken us a very long way, especially in the orthodontic world, and Black Orthodontics stays up to date on the latest trends. Dr. Keith Black offers multiple alternatives to traditional braces, including Invisalign which is the most popular of all treatments. Invisalign is unlike traditional braces which rely on metal brackets and sometimes uncomfortable friction. Instead, it utilizes a completely clear plastic tray that fits perfectly over the teeth. The aligner tray is first crafted on the computer as a 3-D digital image. It is then designed and molded to fit your smile with ease and comfort.

The Pros

It’s Invisible
Guess what the best part of Invisalign is? It’s invisible! Finally, there is an orthodontic method that can give our patients the best of both worlds: The journey to a healthy smile and a completely discreet method!

You Can Take It Out
What’s more is that the aligner tray can be removed at any time. Of course, it is best to keep the appliance on as much as possible for the fastest results. However, you have the freedom to remove it when eating and brushing your teeth.

Brushing and Flossing is Easier
Invisalign completely eliminates the hassle of having to remove food from your brackets by threading floss through your bracket wires. It allows you to have a clear and bright smile while having your teeth straightened at the same time! Invisalign is also different from traditional braces because you, as the patient, are more in control if your orthodontic treatment.

Remember to keep the aligner tray in for no less than 22 hours per day. You will also need to have the tray re-created every 2 weeks so that it perfectly fits your teeth as they continue to shift.

Does It Work?

Does Invisalign work? Time and time again Dr. Black has seen results while his patients enjoy having their teeth invisibly straightened. You also do not need to hand over your wallet for invisible braces. Dr. Black provides Invisalign for prices that are comparable to traditional braces. Ultimately, you choose the perfect fit for you. Call us now for your free consultation to learn more.