I was here Damon System of Braces - K Black Smiles

Here at Black Orthodontics, we’re proud to use the Damon System of Braces. Damon Braces utilize light biologically-sensible forces to give every patient a fuller, straighter, more beautiful smile! Here are some fun facts about braces and the Damon system:

  • Damon braces get tighter when you drink hot liquids and looser when you eat or drink something cold. If your braces ever start feeling tight, a glass of ice water should give you the relief you need!
  • They don’t set off metal detectors. No embarrassing airport security situations to worry about! Also, you’re no more likely to get struck by lightning while wearing braces…phew.
  • You may get gaps in your teeth while wearing Damon braces, but it’s only temporary! These gaps are necessary; they create space for your teeth to move into and help improve alignment.
  • Braces don’t cause cavities or white marks on teeth. Good dental hygiene is the best preventative measure for a healthy and beautiful smile!