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With all the advances being made in orthodontic technology, it’s no surprise that there are now services available for at-home orthodontics. Nowadays, you can easily buy a subscription for clear aligners that are mailed to your home. 

However, “do it yourself” orthodontics can create more problems than they solve. While these DIY orthodontics companies offer some convenience and affordability, they’re no match for a certified and experienced orthodontist.

Learn about the difference between at-home orthodontics and professional orthodontics, and see why you should trust your smile with a certified orthodontist. Schedule your virtual or in-person smile assessment today!

Should I Choose an Orthodontist Over a DIY Orthodontics Kit?

Many prospective patients worry about the cost of going to a real orthodontist. People are drawn to the idea of getting “invisible braces at home”, thinking that online orthodontic services are inexpensive and easy to use. Sadly, these benefits are often overshadowed by problems that emerge during these at-home treatments.

Not all clear aligners are created equal, and when you get a DIY orthodontics kit, you’re taking a gamble with your health. While many at-home orthodontics companies have orthodontists who review your case and create a treatment plan, there isn’t anyone to physically check your alignment progress. During key milestones in your treatment, you’ll likely be asked to send selfies of your mouth for assessment. However, it’s no comparison to having hands-on, expert treatment along the way.

Many of these DIY orthodontics companies send impression kits to get an idea of your bite. However, using these kits has a high degree of user error, so you may not get an ideal end result. Plus, there isn’t anyone to assess the health of the preexisting teeth beforehand.

These at-home kits work fast — in fact, they may work too fast! While the idea of a quick treatment time is understandably desirable, real Invisalign treatment takes about 12-18 months to complete. This is because moving the teeth slowly and deliberately makes for better smile results. An at-home orthodontics kit may give you a fast treatment, but shifting the teeth too quickly can create lasting damage!

Working With a Professional Orthodontist is the Safest Option

Only a certified and experienced orthodontist can improve your smile properly. Not only do orthodontists go through full dental training, but they also must go through an additional two years of training to become certified orthodontists. Overall, orthodontists must go through more than 3,700 hours worth of rigorous orthodontic training. 

Orthodontists specialize in changing the structure of your teeth, monitoring your smile progress, and making sure that your treatment plan is customized for your needs. You can trust an orthodontist to give you the beautiful smile you deserve.

Man Adjusting Transparent Aligners In His Teeth

Still Want to Try “Do It Yourself” Orthodontics?

If you really want to do an at-home orthodontics kit, please make sure you talk to your dentist about the risks involved. They can give you an assessment and let you know whether you would get any benefits from a clear aligner service. The American Association of Orthodontists also has a helpful list of questions you should ask at-home orthodontics companies before committing to treatment.

While many prospective patients are lured in by the idea of inexpensive orthodontics, these services can have more drawbacks than they do advantages. At Black Orthodontics, we understand that orthodontic care is an investment and that many people worry that they can’t afford it. However, getting orthodontic care from a licensed provider may be more affordable than you think! With our flexible, zero-interest payment plans, we can help you find a financing option to work for your budget. Plus, we file a wide variety of insurances for your convenience.

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So, are at-home orthodontics really worth your time and money? The answer is, probably not. DIY orthodontics kits have a wide margin of user error, as well as fewer resources during treatment. After all, a customer service representative can’t compare to an expert orthodontist.

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