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Adult vs. Child Braces

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You may or may not remember the days of bulky headgear and other cumbersome teeth appliances. Today, technology is expanding like rapid fire and treatment is far more effective, comfortable, and affordable than ever. This has recently made braces an option for people of all ages. At Black Orthodontics, our professionals determine the best plan of action for your unique teeth, your age range, and your highest comfort.

Adults vs. Children

Perhaps you and your child are looking for great orthodontic care. Maybe you’re simply curious about how braces are different for adults versus children. There are various factors that orthodontists are aware of and age is an important one.


An important difference between adults and children is that adults are fully grown and children are still growing. Orthodontists are able to move a child’s teeth and modify the tooth growth permanently. In adults however, bone growth is complete, so permanent modification is not as easy.

Children are able to adapt much easier to oral appliances. Shifting happens and discomfort dissolves more quickly. There is a lot of care and caution that must be taken with adult treatment. The teeth are fixed and situated, so too much force can cause damage. Overall, excellent care is available for adults, but care usually much easier for children.


Adults are usually concerned about aesthetics. Dental health is important, but we still have to attend meetings and parties while maintaining a beautiful smile. This is not as much of an issue for children, especially in during the younger years.


With ages comes wear and tear. In the years following development, there’s a greater likelihood of dental issues. Periodontal disease is a mild to severe form of gum disease. It is extremely common in adults and rarely seen in children. In most cases, an adult with periodontal disease cannot receive orthodontic care until the symptoms are gone. Additionally, if an adult has ever a tooth extracted, this can prevent effective treatment. Teeth can’t move into a space where a tooth once was, so a prosthetic tooth would be necessary.

When treating children, pre-existing dental issues are very rare. Orthodontic care is great early on because it is more preventative. Excellent treatment greatly improves dental health and reduces the chances of dental issues later on in life.

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