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What You Need to Know

Congratulations! Your orthodontic treatment is now underway. Dr. Black and his office team is one of the best when it comes to Asheville orthodontists. He’s a nationally recognized specialist in adult orthodontics and you’re in good hands. As you begin the journey to your better smile, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Initial Soreness, Irritation, and Minor Adjustments

About Your New BracesYour teeth may be sore for a couple of days after your appliances get placed. Stick to soft foods as you get used to your new braces the first few days. To adapt more quickly, you can also chew a sugarless stick-free gum like Freedent. To help with soreness, you can take an ibuprofen product, such as Advil® or Motrin® (acetominophen, such as Tylenol®, isn’t as effective). We strongly recommend taking your pain reliever immediately and continuing for three days without interruption to reduce any discomfort you may feel.

In the beginning, your cheeks and lips may become irritated by your braces. Don’t worry! They will heal and get tougher— they just have a lot of new material to get used to. Dr. Black and his team have given you the tools to combat this problem. To help with this irritation and to allow the tissues to heal, press a generous piece of the wax found in your “goodie bag” directly onto the part of the braces causing the irritation.

If a poking wire causes some irritation, try bending it out of the way with the handle of a spoon or the rubber end of a pencil. You can also cut it with a fingernail clipper. If cutting the wire, be careful not to snip your cheek and make sure you hold a cotton swab over the loose end so it doesn’t fly into your throat. If you can’t get to it, put some wax on it and make an appointment to come into the office so we can trim it for you. We want you to be safe and comfortable.

A Couple of Reminders About Food and Oral Care

Ear the Right Kinds of Healthy Foods After your Orthodontic TreatmentRemember, no hard, crunchy, or sticky foods. Especially, NO ICE. Chewing on ice will probably break something. Also, if you have any bands or crowns— NO POPCORN. The husks could get trapped deep in your gums and may require surgery to be removed.

As with any good oral hygiene routine, make sure to brush after every meal, or as soon as you have a chance (three times a day). Don’t rush! It should take three to five minutes each time. Use your Colgate® Phos-Flur® rinse daily.

Lastly, be sure to rinse with hot water daily. The wires you have in the beginning of your treatment are heat activated. If you don’t rinse, your teeth won’t move into their new alignment. Right now you’re in control of how fast you want your teeth to move, so rinse frequently.

If you have any questions, or if any problems come up, please call us. We are always happy to help in any way we can.