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Braces with Faster Treatment Times

In addition to being an Elite Invisalign orthodontist, Dr. Black specializes in Damon System Braces® and Damon Smile® Braces. Damon provides faster treatment times using high-tech wires that don’t require tightening or orthodontic bands. This creates a more comfortable treatment and provides a fuller, broader smile with better lip support for our patients. Having straight teeth is not just about having a beautiful smile. It’s also about having long-term wellness. Our goal for you is to have healthy gums, teeth that are much easier to brush and floss, and a decreased likelihood of tooth decay or gum disease — all of which are possible after orthodontic treatment. Of course, this is all a bonus in addition to having beautiful teeth and a greater confidence to excel in your life!

Damon Braces — A Comfortable Orthodontic Alternative

About Damon System BracesMany of our patients are relieved to learn about Damon Braces after being told their treatment would require tooth extractions, headgear, or even surgery. Braces are known to be very uncomfortable at times, especially with all of those monthly adjustments. We’re proud to mention that all of our patients have reported little to no discomfort with Damon System Braces®! What makes them so popular is the fact that you can have straight teeth with minimal pain in a short amount of time. These particular braces eliminate the need for brackets and wires, so you don’t have to deal with frequent orthodontist appointments and painful bracket tightening! Our cutting-edge technology also allows for quicker dental adjustments and less appointments, creating a faster procedure with ease.

Damon Clear Braces Provide Discreet Treatment

If you’re looking into braces and want something more discreet, Damon Clear is also available, which uses clear bracket braces. Click here to learn more about this option. Why should you choose Damon Clear Braces over traditional clear braces? Just like Damon System Braces®, our clear look uses the same innovative system of tieless brackets, greater comfort, and faster treatment. The only factor that separates Damon Clear from regular Damon braces is that they are virtually invisible! You can have the full benefits of Damon System Braces® for the same price and with ultimate invisibility by choosing Damon Clear.

Damon Smile® offers many different options so that you can choose the orthodontic treatment that best suits you. If you are looking into having a beautiful smile, healthy teeth and gums long term, faster and painless treatment, and lower prices, call Dr. Black to set up an appointment!