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Many of our prospective patients wonder, are orthodontics worth it? The truth is: investing in your smile is more than just an upgrade to your appearance! Some may feel intimidated by the cost of orthodontic treatment, but an aligned smile helps you save money on dental care in the long run.

Discover four ways that orthodontics saves you money! If you’re thinking about improving your smile with orthodontic treatment, schedule your free smile assessment today.

Save Money on Dental Care

Getting orthodontic care has many benefits for your long-term dental health and your wallet. When teeth are crowded, crooked, gapped, or misaligned, it becomes easier for food particles and debris to get stuck in your teeth. 

Even with good oral hygiene, these particles can lead to plaque, gum disease, or even tooth decay. Fixing these problems with orthodontics can spare you the expense of future dental procedures.

Protect Your Teeth

Orthodontics also adds additional protection to your smile. Teeth that are crooked or protruded are more prone to direct injuries. Bite misalignments can also cause chipping, teeth grinding, and extra wear on the teeth.

Adults can also benefit from orthodontic treatment, as they tend to have arch forms that collapse over time. This intensifies damage caused by clenching and grinding the teeth. Orthodontic treatment decreases the wear and stress on the teeth.


Protect Your Jaw

Proper alignment of the teeth is crucial to protecting the jaw and temper mandibular joint. When the jaw is out of alignment, it can cause TMJ, a painful condition that affects the jaw joint just in front of the ears. 

Early jaw development in children is critical to their long-term health. With interceptive orthodontics, we can guide the growth and position of the jaw and encourage the proper development of permanent teeth. Catching these problems early prevents serious oral health issues in the future.

Reduce the Use of Pain Relievers

Bite malocclusions can cause many dental health problems, such as jaw problems, gum disease, tooth decay, and TMJ. While these painful conditions can be eased by over-the-counter anti-inflammatories, they can get expensive over time, and it’s not advised to use them consistently. Addressing these problems with orthodontic care saves you money later on!

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See For Yourself Why So Many People Love To Save With Black Orthodontics

So, how can orthodontics save you money? Investing in your smile protects your teeth and jaw, prevents costly dental procedures in the long run. Most patients find that the long-term benefits of orthodontic treatment often outweigh the initial cost of treatment. You’ll thank us when you save money on dental care in the future!

At Black Orthodontics, we believe that every patient is unique and that orthodontic care isn’t one-size-fits-all. We want every patient to be 100% happy with their smile, which is why our treatment options are all the same cost. We’ll walk you through your orthodontic treatment options and customize a plan, just for you.  

Start your smile journey and schedule a free smile assessment with us today!