Orthodontist Dentist

Finding a quality orthodontist dentist in Asheville is not that difficult. However, if you want someone who has experience with the latest technology in the industry then the best place to go is Black Orthodontics. Our experience and outstanding service is why we are known as the top place to go for braces and other orthodontic needs. Our goal is to provide you with the best options for you based on budget, time frame and personal preference. When you offer products like Invisalign and Damon Clear braces, you have to make sure that the quality is second to none. If you’re going to stand behind a product and offer it to your patients it has to get results.

When you come in to visit an orthodontist dentist you will see that it’s more than just what services they offer. Anyone can offer to do Damon Braces but it has to be done well. We believe in making sure the patient is fully aware of what to expect with the service; how it’s going to feel, how long it will take and more, prior to getting started. Invisalign seems like a great product, and it is, but just because you can remove your braces to eat or brush your teeth doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear them at least 20 hours a day. It’s this kind of attention to detail that you should expect from your orthodontist. If you are ready to get started and want to learn more about your options for straightening your teeth then give us a call to schedule an appointment.